AFTA & BROTHERS, a house of law group in the field of  lawyering, advocacy, legal aid, training/education of law, research and human development and community capacity building. Establised in 2010 by Lawyers, Advocates, Lecturers and Business Activists in Yogyakarta. The Group consists of a professional lawfirm (AFTA & Brothers Law Firm) and a social foundation (AFTA FOUNDATION).  

AFTA & Brothers Law Firm is a professional and experienced Law Firm, offeres solutions for creating business entities legally, professional, reliable and safe. AFTA & Brothers Law Firm provides legal services, both legal advise and legal efforts to face law problems in the business world, both in the form corporate (CV, Firm & PT) and another business entities such as Foundation and Coorporation. AFTA & Brothers Law Firm is managed by professional team. They are Advocates, Legal Consultants, Certified Mediators, Certified Legal Auditors and Legal Experts. They have many experinces in handling private and corporate law cases in many fields. AFTA & Brothers Law Firm is trusted to handle law problems both preventively and repressively by private sectors (personal problems, private business entity) and public sector (goverments, state public business entity). In the year 2016, AFTA & BROTHERS gained Sharia Lawyer Award as The Best Sharia Law Firm, awarded by the Indonesian Sharia Advocates Association (APSI). The Award is aimed at promoting and handling the sharia disputes especially in the sharia economic disputes.

AFTA FOUNDATION is a social legal entity engaged in education and training, advocacy and community empowerment and research and development. In the education and training aspects, Afta Foundation through Afta Law School provides training and education of law for public and professional communities. Afta Foundation has RUMAH BANTUAN HUKUM (RBH) AFTA that has roles to provides legal aid services. In 2016 RBH AFTA was earned Accreditation Certificate from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights RI